On the Eve of Christmas

Richard Skinner

May all of you reading this have a joyous, peaceful, and safe Christmas Day.

May you also have a prosperous and productive year of 2017. (Safe, too!) May those dreams and wishes that are most dear to you come to pass.

For the brothers and sisters in arms of my son – who we are very grateful to have home this year – that are not able to spend the season with their loved ones – may you soon return to their arms, whole in body, sound in mind, and with your mission accomplished. My prayers and those of my family are with you, always.

Now, it’s time for me to get back to work around this place…

…cleaning up the Great Cookie Mess after the daughter…

Christmas Cookies, courtesy Elaya IceChristmas Cookies, courtesy of Elaya Ice

…getting the ham glaze made for tomorrow…

…figuring out where the heck I put that last present that I suddenly realized is still not wrapped…

…generally going quite mad (in a good way).

Not that I’m complaining. It’s been many years since I have had to track down various sizes of (unexpired) batteries, some of which I swear are only available to Jedi Knights. Or try to wiggle Part MT into the space between Part GR and Part NX (is this one really necessary? Dang it…)

Merry Christmas to all.

It’s the End of the Year…

Richard Skinner

…and this is my first post here since way back at the beginning of August. Sigh.

Anyone who has poked their nose into this space since that long-ago day probably believes that this is yet another abandoned blog space – and they would very nearly be correct. That was certainly not my intention, or plan, or any such thing.

In any case, here is a new post, albeit a very short one – I have another one that will top post this one coming in a bit here. But I felt that I should at least make my (revised) hopes clear for the upcoming year – a far more active year, if I can possibly manage it.

Since that last post, my poor wits, such as they are, have been seriously scattered, for various reasons (and several excuses). It has taken quite a while to track them back down, live-trap them, and return them to their proper places. A process that is almost complete, or so I fondly believe.

There will be more Tales By The Road by my alter ego, Sybly Whyte. The novel series is beginning to catch fire again. Blog posts are bobbing around in my head.

Please keep an eye on this space – I cannot absolutely promise a single solitary thing, but there should be much more to see here after the first of the year.