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Last updated July 19, 2016

Here is where I’ll (kinda, sorta) categorize all of the blog posts by subject. No guarantees on how well I will keep it up; this is an “extra” thing to do right now.

Anyway. The categories for this game board are:

Current Affairs

“Current,” of course, as of the time I wrote the post. At some point, particularly on the internet, they’ll become obscure ancient history – but I’m not going to bother with moving them around.


At some point, I may lend this soap box to someone else. Those posts will be indexed here. To be honest, I expect this category to be empty for quite a while, and not all that populated thereafter – writing a blog post is work, work that a writer is only justified in doing when it will get them that hard to gauge thing called “exposure.” The justification simply won’t exist until (and unless) my blog becomes a popular hangout.


Whatever I can’t find any other shelf for…

The Writer Lives!
A Late Post Notice, Already…
Coming Out, and Some Administrivia

Learning Curve

I decided to separate these posts (for reference purposes) out from the general Writing posts – these are posts where I bare all, so far as mistakes that I have made – mistakes that weren’t particularly obvious at the time.

Learning Curve – Covering Up, Part One
Learning Curve – WordPress Settings

Sybly Whyte

This is the “other guy,” my pen name for the Tales By The Road series of short stories. As these are published, I’ll obviously be doing a post for each one.

The Simple Man and The Lass Released
Tales By The Road Released!


Reviews of other writers’ works. This could be a new one, a backlist piece, or a classic – whatever I’ve read recently and decided to take the time to write a review about. Where possible, there will be a link included, but it is guaranteed to be “live” only at the time I write the review. (If you do hit a dead link, do please let me know, and I will correct it ASAP.)

Review – Vulcan’s Kittens (Cedar Sanderson)


I’m one of those writers who produces a huge amount of background for my work. The essays I produce for this background can involve either the “hard” or “soft” sciences. On occasion, these bits of background may possibly be of interest to at least a subset of my readers. When I deem them to be so, I’ll post them (after some light editing to make sure I avoid embedded spoilers).


In my very first post, I told you that this blog was started to chronicle the journey of a “wanna-be” writer to a “professional” writer. So, hopefully, this is where you’ll see a majority of my blog work – although no guarantees. I’m known to be somewhat random…

Tuesday Tidbits
Commitment, In One Tense or Another…