Tales By The Road Released!

Richard Skinner

Yes! The very first Tales By The Road has been sent off to Amazon. It should appear there within the week – I see no reason why it should fail their Quality Assurance process. Unless I’ve made some horrible mistake that is all very clearly explained in some obscure corner of their publishing guidelines. Always possible, I’m a virgin at this…

Amazon rocks!. OK, other people have had some nightmare experiences with them, and I may very well have one in the future – but they “underpromised and overdelivered” in this case. Tales By The Road went live in the Kindle Store at just before two PM today (my time, Mountain Standard). Since I was expecting the twelve hours the publishing form told me – I’m a bit behind the curve here.

It is in KDP Select, so KU is the way to go, if you have it – I’m still figuring out how to at least get a promotional free period, you might wait a bit if you don’t have KU. This isn’t particularly to promote the story – my conservative bent says that $0.99 is still too much for buying such a short thing. (The plan is to collect all of them when I have a year’s worth – that I won’t have any problem with putting out there for $2.99 or so.)

EDIT – it will be free beginning tomorrow (July 4th) through this coming Friday (July 8th). Best that Amazon will let me do, dang it…

Anywho, here it is. The cover is a live link, or use this: Tales By The Road.

Roads, pathways, trails. We walk on them, or drive on them, just about every day of our lives. One day, I stopped dead on one, with a curious thought – what if this surface passing under my feet could talk? Curious notion, maybe I’ll think about it later. A writer, though, has a rather odd mind – this refused to go away; more and more Tales came creeping into my head. Sometimes one must succumb to the call of the Muse, if they are to get anything else done…

First in a series of these rather odd Tales. I hope that you enjoy…

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