A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Richard Skinner

Thanksgiving Dinner Table

I seem to have developed a habit of posting only on holidays — and not even all of those. Sigh…

More about my writing plans later, but first:

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Dear Lord, on this day of giving thanks, as this family sits once again at this table, we pray that our reflections on the year meet your approval, and receive your blessing.

Lord, we are thankful for a country and a people that provide such a bountiful harvest, day in and day out. Their toils in your fields have given us this table on this day. (We incidentally thank you for reminding the cook to not put sticks in the stuffing!)

Lord, we are thankful for the men and women that defend our country and our people, day in and day out. We are thankful that two of these defenders are here with our family today. We pray you to sustain those who are not able to join their loved ones on this day, and that you will see fit to return them to their homes safely, or take them to your loving bosom if such is not to be.

Lord, we are thankful for your gracious nurturing hand over this family this past year, as you have ensured that we have received all that we need, if not all that we want. We pray that you continue to do so, until each of us is called to rejoin you.



Writing plans… only the best laid ones, of course.

I am kicking myself every day (except today, as I am the cook this year) to get a cover done for Regular Visitors, which is a new Tale By The Road. The story was actually written last year, but I failed to get a cover done in time for this Christmas Tale to be published then. I’ll be getting back to work on that one tomorrow (Friday), although I fear that most of the day will be taken up by playing with the Apophysis fractal generation package, which Cedar Sanderson turned me on to. Fascinating and apparently very powerful package — which will mean a steep learning curve for this fumbling non-artist. December 1st is the goal here.

After that, it is back to work on the long-suffering first novel, working title Talons of Vengeance. I spent the last week or so reviewing what I do have done, and “picking up sticks” on the background, which was rather scattered about. If I can keep up the momentum from the last couple of weeks, that novel should be coming out early next year (I am hoping for January — but if the body and computer crash like they simultaneously did last year… This is why I keep a wood bookshelf right next to my desk, by the way!) There should at least be a snippet next month (the first chapter, actually).

NOTEanyone who wishes to volunteer as a beta reader will be much appreciated!

That’s about it for news from here. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


P.S. No, that is not my Thanksgiving table. I’m writing this the night before, but I am going to post it first thing in the morning — right after my own bird gets into the oven. Tonight is the apple pies and other miscellaneous prep work. The image at the top is a photograph by Gabriel Garcia Marengo, which he kindly made available for free on unsplash.com (a new image site that I am slowly exploring).


P.P.S. If you follow me on social media, you undoubtedly know that I am an agnostic. So? I think it is highly unlikely that prayer can hurt anyone — and for all that I know, it may help.


P.P.P.S. Getting ridiculous, but I think this is the last one. If you are new to commenting on my blog, please be patient if your comment takes quite a while to show up. I must approve each new commenter here — and will be busy until this afternoon (and most likely semi-comatose afterwards; I never seem to learn…).

5 thoughts on “A Prayer of Thanksgiving

  1. The bird is stuffed and in the oven – actually fifteen minutes early, but time tends to compress as you get closer to the scheduled dinner time.

    Been re-reading RAH’s Job: A Comedy of Justice lately. One thing I can agree with in it is that there should be a dish washing school of philosophy. Maybe a cooking school of philosophy, too, for the advanced practitioner. I have to admit that I’m not a “dead center” agnostic, myself – I wobble a bit, from anthropism (if the Universe didn’t just happen to be this way, I wouldn’t be here to think about it), to mild deism (there has to be a mind behind quantum mechanics – a low and devious one).

    On especially cranky days, I’ll even go somewhat solipsistic (“Okay, if I’m so smart, why am I doing this to myself?”).

    Anywho – have a happy Thanksgiving Day, my friend. If you happen to follow the football religion, may your particular sect have a winning day too…


    1. If you happen to follow the football religion…

      That one I am more anti- or at least truly orthogonal to. The gathering I was had did have a TV on and there was a game on it for a couple minutes… and then the kid decided he didn’t have the time to play whatever videogame it was. Most of time it showed a room of a few cats or dogs.


      1. Ah, a fellow heretic. The only teams I knew were playing today were the Redskins vs. Giants. That only because I happened across a story about The Nation decrying it as “racist” to allow the Redskins to play on Thanksgiving.

        (There are times I can’t even muster the ability to point and laugh. Just shake the head and move on…)

        Sounds like you had a good day, though.


        1. ‘Twas a day “most excellent” yes.
          I expected to come home with leftovers (I let $HOUSEMATE select them, i expect I will have none of the food – by my choice) but, curiously and to my amusement and pleasure, I seem to be up one bottle of wine as well. Holy NotArguing, Batman.


  2. I am not religious (despite upbringing & attempts thereat) but more and more I am seeing some utility (and not of “The Ruling class finds it *useful*” kind) to prayer. As the wiccan/neopagan texts I’ve skimmed (My sister, the witch… hey SHE calls herself that, jokingly or partly so) has “You do not cast a spell to change the world, you cast to change yourself” which told me it was more self-help and autosuggestion in hippy-dippy ‘organic’ wrapper rather than a more clinical wrapper.

    The idea of an external God has the utility, also, of “If some{-one,-thing} is God, then I am not God.” which something a good many could use. I do not believe one needs an external agent for morality. It is possible to derive that the world would be a better place if the Golden Rule were followed.

    But what of the praise of/for a Deity? Here it gets tricky as there is the supposition of an external God whether there is one or not and even if not, the internal ‘good’ should get some positive feedback. I can see this as useful in very oblique self-affirming way.

    Or maybe I’m just coming down with a case of religion after all. Hrm, maybe I need to think more on this and make full post of it.


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