The Writer Lives!

Richard Skinner

In a manner of speaking, if you are in the habit of speaking loosely.

Okay, there will be a blog post on covers today. I did manage to complete the research for this one on Monday, and the time was going to be a bit tight to get it all done yesterday, but it was doable.

Until real life intervened. The Skinner family household planning (for as much as the chaos around here ever gets planned) was completely disrupted. For reasons. I got about two hours of solid work in (although I’m rather scared to look at the product today). The rest of the day was bits and pieces – a few hasty social media posts fired off (several of them too hasty, and too reflective of my thoroughly impatient current mood) in between bits and pieces of dealing with the situation.

So. There will be a post on covers by this evening. Promise. Not the one I was planning; this will be a Part One. Right now, the tentative plan is to get the rest of it out on following Wednesdays. The remainder of this week has to be devoted to picking up and reorganizing both the family and writing schedules for some new realities.

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