The Simple Man and The Lass Released

Richard Skinner

Yay! I now have two publications under the belt. The Simple Man and The Lass (A Tale By The Road) is now available on Amazon.

Only ONE day after I wanted to have it out – considering that the first was THREE days past the “drop dead” schedule, I’m seeing definite improvement…

I’ve had a hard time figuring out whether to call this the second Tale, or the first, with the original Tales By The Road being the “zeroth.” It’s what I would consider a real short story – actually, skating the official edge of the novelette category, at just under 7,200 words.

I have decided, though, just what these Tales are for me. They’re craft pieces. Not examples of a fully developed craft, but of one just barely beginning. Vessels for seeing what I can do. Can I write “light romance?” Well, I’m not sure of that yet, although that’s a keyword I attached to this Tale. Other Tales will explore whether I can write horror – or historic military fiction – or tragedy – or half a dozen other things. Different places, different conditions, completely different characters.

The only warranty on these is that no two are likely to be the same. We’ll see how it goes…

(TEMPORARY NOTE: The Sybly Whyte page is, sigh, going to take a while to update. Multiple covers are giving me fits. Ah well, another Learning Curve post is being born…)

The Simple Man and The Lass
A simple Man. A lovely Lass. A most curious and ancient Road that tells the tale of their meeting in the green youth of the world. To Erkol, the first human (?) that has ever paused to listen.

One in the series of these rather odd Tales By The Road. Guaranteed to be message free – I hope that you find it to be light reading for a lazy summer afternoon – or any time.

2 thoughts on “The Simple Man and The Lass Released

  1. That’s what I’ve decided, but glad to have the confirmation…

    Back to fighting with WordPress to get the cover images working right (be dead easy if I had a hosted site where I could get at the stylesheets – but not so much with the free version).


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